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Revista Contabilidade & Finanças - RC&F is an open acess journal, published every four months and held at the Department of Accountancy and Actuarial Sciences at the University of São Paulo School of Economics, Business Administration and Accountancy. The journal is aimed to disseminate research developed by faculty members, researchers and graduate and undergraduate students from Brazil and other countries. Under its previous name Caderno de Estudos, the journal has been published since 1989, with financial support from FIPECAFI – Foundation Institute for Accounting, Actuarial and Financial Research. As from 2012, the journal will be concomitantly published online both in Portuguese and in English.


The mission of the RC&F is to disseminate relevant scientific production in Accountancy, Controllership, Actuarial Sciences and Finance, elaborated by Brazilian and foreign faculty members, students and professionals, exclusively selected based on their quality and effective contribution to scientific knowledge development in these areas.

Rights and Permission

Authors are fully and exclusively responsible for the papers published. Copyrights should be transferred to the Department of Accounting and Actuarial Science at FEA/USP in advance, which permits the publication of excerpts or full papers, with previous permission, provided that the source is cited.

On-line Publication

All published articles are available on the website .




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